Product and Service Development

One of the integral aspects of a company’s function revolves around the product and services that it offers. Businesses rely on products that deliver value

Outsourcing of Administrative Services

An organised and efficient business requires a solid administrative backbone. Failing to invest in this critical function can lead to several mishaps, impacting the efficiency

Management Consultancy

The struggles of business owners may be quite overwhelming, especially for those at the earlier stages of operation. When a company is still in its

Business Exit Strategy

Building a business takes years of commitment and effort. With maturity, one would understand that his or her participation in the business cannot last forever.

Partnerships and Negotiation

In today’s constantly evolving business world, organisations may have multiple opportunities to expand their horizons through mutually beneficial partnerships. Considering that change is the only

Accounting Services

Ensuring your finances are up to date is of paramount importance for all businesses, irrespective of whether being a small, medium or large enterprise. Getting

Marketing and Business Development

Consultants at 121 can help you with developing your marketing and business development strategy. Following a thorough understanding of your company, consultants may assist you

Recruitment and HR Services

As part of its 360, integrated service repertoire, 121 offers recruitment and human resources related consultancy for its clientele. Sourcing the right talent is of