121 Partners with clients and together, we grow successful businesses

Our Mission is to help you, from your early plans onwards. We Promise growth: Our advice is based on research, data and experience. We assist with the creation of a structure which will help the business develop, We We help you and your usiness achieve a level of sustainability and growth through effective management, finance, business development, sales, and marketing advice. We are a team of consultants with decades of experience, assuring you a safer way towards business growth. Here at 121, we help you manage each and every department your business
needs. Let us help you Grow and improve your position in the industry.


Let us help you grow and improve your position in the industry.

Here’s a summary of our services.

121 focuses on the provision of pristine business consultancy to small, medium and large enterprises, across a wide array of disciplines. Availing yourself to the services offered by 121 means that you will have access to various senior consultants who may assist your business for different matters. You are also guaranteed an efficient and prompt service for your requirements. So how can 121 assist and help you grow your business?

SWOT analysis

SWOT is an investigative methodology that is used to help you make better business related decisions. SWAT analysis is a process that looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your company. The process can save you years of time by identifying problems in advance!

Human Resources

Most businesses require resources and 121 can assist you with all your recruitment needs. Together with sourcing the necessary staff members and resources, you can also benefit from payroll related services.

Sourcing of Business premises

Most businesses require a head office from where to operate. Based on your operations and requirements, 121 consultants can assist you with sourcing an appropriate premises, either for purchase and also for lease.

Project Management

At 121 you can find project management support related to the construction and property industries.

Accounting and forecasting

Whether you represent a company or you work on a self-employed basis, 121 can assist you with your accounting requirements, including the submission of forms and the necessary tax returns. Based on your company’s financial data, projections to anticipate future trends may also be developed.

Sales, Marketing and Business Development

121 consultants can assist with the development and proper implementation of a sales, marketing and business development plan. This includes the development of the company’s brand image and what channels should be used to interact with your customer base, whilst working towards sustainability and growth.


It makes business sense to insure your assets. With respect to the insurance of your employees, business, premises and other worthwhile belongings, consultants at 121 may provide adequate solutions for your benefit.


As part of the advisory service repertoire offered by 121, investment solutions can also be discussed. Such may include the setting up of pension plans, savings plans and other forms of investment aimed at guaranteeing a suitable return for your efforts.

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New Business startups or new Business Projects consulting and setup.

Recruiting and Head hunting

Strategies and Planning

Adapt a safe growth strategy

Manage successful business development through all the different stages and departments.

Business development planning, research and execution

Introduce businesses and mergers and help during negotiation processes

Exit strategy

Financial planning for personal and business

Human resources solutions


Sourcing of Business premises

Create your brand and supply you with all your sales and marketing tools

Effective Management and Problem solving

Providing accounting and financial consulting as well as

Overlook the financial health of your business, whether it is a startup or an established business