Marketing and Business Development

Consultants at 121 can help you with developing your marketing and business development strategy. Following a thorough understanding of your company, consultants may assist you in driving a marketing programme that works for your business.

Different businesses will require customised strategies to be successful and at 121, your organisation can benefit from tailor-made marketing solutions.

Strategy and planning

The creation of a marketing plan requires significant strategy and planning. With such a plan in place, a business can execute different initiatives and activities aimed at promoting its brand and services or products. The research and analysis phase is necessary because it would allow your business to take decisions based on facts and data, rather than just creativity, which on its own may be less effective in achieving your target objectives.


121 consultants can guide you on how to address your advertising requirements and in which channels you should invest your money for optimal brand awareness. Advertising requires careful investment, and placing your money in the wrong channels will lead to a costly exercise with no benefit to your business.

Digital marketing

In today’s online world, where everyone is hooked onto different devices, businesses must think hard and clear on how to use existing digital marketing methods to their benefit. With a wide array of options available, 121 consultants can help you determine the best digital marketing channels for your business to drive traffic and conversions. Such activities may include pay per click campaigns through Google Ads, social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Project management

Marketing campaigns may be treated as projects and 121 consultants can assist you with the necessary support for the creation of the promotional collateral. A proper project management framework will allow your campaign to progress seamlessly without unnecessary delays.

Public relations

To effectively communicate its message, a business would benefit from regular media presence. Such a strategy may include the publishing of informative material surrounding the services offered on the media. Such content is beneficial because it provides the audience with an informative perspective whilst indirectly promoting the positive features.

Events management

For certain businesses, events are necessary to sell their services and strike deals. Such activities provide a business with the opportunity to network with clients and leads. Organising events takes time, planning and proper execution and it is here where consultants at 121 can add value to you.