Outsourcing of Administrative Services

An organised and efficient business requires a solid administrative backbone. Failing to invest in this critical function can lead to several mishaps, impacting the efficiency and bottom line of your business.

Consultants at 121 may assist you with sourcing the right administrative staff and processes for your business. Your organisation may benefit from administrative and secretarial services to keep the entity organised. When you are managing a business, whether established or start-up, you need to keep adequate records. Professional administration as offered by 121 caters for the needs of modern organisations.

Proper administrative support ensures that members within the organisation can keep tabs on meetings, appointments and leads. Having everything organised ensures that you can prepare adequately without being surprised due to a missed meeting, appointment or follow-up.

Administrative staff may also assist with the creation of purchase orders and processing of invoices for payment. An appropriate framework allows you to keep track of all invoices that your business receives and monitor their status to check if they were paid or not.

To ensure adequate administrative processes, consultants at 121 may assist you with building documented policies and procedures aimed at ensuring clarity and a certain standard. These would apply to govern day to day tasks and as a guidance for staff to follow.

Outsourced administrative staff may also assist with data entry, with the input of figures into Excel sheets and databases. Coordinating the entry of data ensures that you can make use of it in the future when needed, arming yourself with vital information.

Sourcing administrative staff may also be beneficial for document preparation. Different meetings will require the compilation of various documents, ensuring that you are well prepared for all the agenda items set to be discussed.

There are several benefits when it comes to the outsourcing of administrative staff. For one, you can ensure that you dedicate your time for more important business matters. The same applies for your existing employees who may have less time to dedicate for administrative purposes. Outsourcing this important function spares you the hassle and expense of employing full time staff. You also benefit from less paperwork as you focus on the core business. It also means spending less time in monotonous tasks, whilst investing your time more productively. 

Speak to 121 consultants today so that you can find a more cost and time effective way to manage your day-to-day administration.