Management Consultancy

The struggles of business owners may be quite overwhelming, especially for those at the earlier stages of operation. When a company is still in its initial phases, it is quite common that the owner or leader would need to wear various hats to cater for finance, human resources, operations and business development, amongst many others. Not having the time to perform all the necessary tasks is indeed one of the most stressful factors when running a business.

Different types of businesses, be it small, medium or large can benefit extensively from management consultancy, which would help to save costs, drive growth and alleviate the pressure from business owners. Consultants at 121 are geared to provide you with management advice to achieve sustainability for your business. You will also benefit from an objective view, which is exterior from your business, allowing you to gather insights which you might have missed.

Benefits of Management Consultants

Consultants at 121 work closely with business owners to identify and address challenges, offer advice and assist with the implementation of effective solutions. Such benefits would typically include:


The added value of engaging a consultant would include the knowledge and expertise. Through a consultant’s different engagements, businesses would benefit from understanding of trends, industry challenges and technology.

Cost efficiency

One of the benefits of hiring an outsourced management consultant is that your business pays only for the service rendered, without having to engage someone on a full-time basis.

Time efficiency

Having on your side, the experience of established consultancy means that you will spare a lot of time in finding effective solutions. With the help of a solid consultant, you will not need to re-invent the wheel but can adopt tried and tested solutions that are effective.

Tailor made approach

Consultants at 121 understand that a one size fits all approach is an outdated way of doing business. To successfully navigate through today’s complicated scenarios, companies require a tailor-made approach which is consistent with their operations and what they offer. Through management consultancy, you may better understand the opportunities available for your business and how to leverage your existing strengths, whilst catering for weaknesses and threats.

You will be pleased to know that our consultants back their claims with successful track records based on years of experience across different industries. This ensures that our consultants can understand your business environment and adapt accordingly, enabling you a pathway for success.