Recruitment and HR Services

As part of its 360, integrated service repertoire, 121 offers recruitment and human resources related consultancy for its clientele. Sourcing the right talent is of utmost importance for enterprise success, and being a small, medium or large organisation, our consultants can sit down with you and help you identify your recruitment requirements and execute accordingly.

Identifying talent

Through a proper understanding of your business and organisational structure, consultants will help you in identifying the right roles to ensure your company is more productive and sustainable. Identifying the right roles to fill is necessary, and it is essential to keep in mind the long-term aspect. Will this resource serve the company beyond certain projects? Would it make more sense to engage a resource on a temporary basis rather than a permanent one? These are factors that business owners and representatives must keep in mind to make the right decisions that are sustainable and yield the best results.

Interacting with potential candidates

Depending on the roles you are seeking to fill and the candidate profiles, you will need to develop a strategy to effectively target the talent that you need. Based on your requirements, you may consider job posting platforms and on the other hand, if you are seeking someone very specific, you may need to approach candidates directly.

Assessing candidate fit

The process of recruitment normally entails a shortlisting exercise, whereby the best talents are considered for the role. Apart from the standard interviews, there are other ways to assess candidates and how they would potentially fit within the organisation. Such include utilising software for pre-employment tests to determine a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. These would allow your business to gather invaluable data which cannot be acquired during interviews.


A business may opt to manage its payroll internally or else outsource. Companies that are involved in the employment of personnel are to maintain adequate records, such as the amounts paid in salaries, bonuses, allowances and other benefits. They are also obliged to keep records of deductions related to tax and social security contributions. Together with such payroll services, our consultants can assist with the necessary employment registrations and work permits.


In today’s business environment, automation assists with making processes more efficient and reduce the possibilities of human error. Everyday processes such as the booking and approval for leave, records of training, employee profiles and other logs may be automated.